Thursday, May 28, 2009

Portfolio: Boy Baby Shower Cake

My best friend is getting ready to have her third baby, another boy. One of the first decorated cakes I ever made was for her other baby boy and it was a little pirate boy cake that said "Ahoy! It's a Boy!" on his hat. Since my friend's fellow teachers have never gotten to throw her a baby shower before, they decided they were going to, even though she insisted it wasn't necessary. Mom-to-be requested red velvet cake, but since it was a boy, I decided to give BLUE velvet a try. And it was really freaking yummy too! Everybody loved it so much that they were all requesting "my card." Yet another item on the start-your-own-business to do list...

IMHO, any velvet cake should always be paired with cream cheese icing, but because you can't do much with it in terms of decorating (it's really sticky), I like to use MMF on top. Kellie isn't a huge fan of MMF so I did cut outs of shapes and then laid them on top of the cream cheese icing. It came out beautifully, although I had a really tough time with the cream cheese icing. Because it's really sticky, it got all over me, all over my kitchen, and all over the fondant pieces. Grrr. But the final result was beautiful and mom-to-be loved it! She especially loved the onesie on top that read "Lock up your daughters - It's a Boy!" We heart funny onesies :o)

Congratulations Kellie...we can't wait to meet Baby Boy!


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