Friday, June 5, 2009

Portfolio: Dr. Seuss Graduation Cake

My sister-in-law graduated from high school this weekend and my MIL asked me to make the cake for her party. I said sure but after being unable to chat with my SIL and find out what kind of cake she wanted, I said "the hell with it!" did my own thing. I figured I was already doing one Seuss cake why not another? And what better book to use than "Oh the Places You'll Go"? In fact, when I told my MIL about it she said she had the book and we could display it with the cake. Suh-weet! Flavor-wise, my MIL opted for a marble cake, but she never said what flavors, mwahahahaha! So I marbled pink and lemon yellow and it came out perfect for a Seuss cake.

I basically stacked an 8" layer off-centered on a 12" layer and then took two 6" layers which I hacked up and then stacked on each other to make the mountain. I used jumbo plastic straws from the grocery store for supports and covered the entire thing in French/Swiss buttercream and MMF. The stripes were painted using Wilton gel colors diluted with vodka (good quality mind you) and the lettering is royal icing. My SIL LOVED it as you can see above. My only complaint was that it was so freaking hot on the car ride up there (my AC is out currently) that things started to slip and slide a little because they were melting--myself included! The cake was also a little dry in parts, and I should have torted it and then soaked the layers with more vanilla syrup. Oh well, c'est la vie! All in all, it was a great cake and everybody loved it!

Happy Baking and Congrats Cait!

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  1. Where did you get the cake top, with the balloon? Thanks!


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