Friday, June 5, 2009

Portfolio: Star Wars Baby Shower Cake

Hi, my name is Kelly and I am a nerd...[polite clapping] Yes, folks, I am a nerd. My husband says I am the prettiest nerd he's ever met, which makes me feel much better about knowing more about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and other geek culture more than the average male does. So what does this have to do with cakes? Well, the baby shower cake I made for my friend Kellie was such a success with her teacher friends that they asked me to make another one a week later! However, this time, the mom is decorating the nursery in Star Wars so they asked if it could be Star Wars themed. JACKPOT!!!

After I got over my initial excitement, I then sat down and realized, "Holy crap! How am I going to make a Star Wars baby shower cake in TWO DAYS?!" I typically give myself three to four days to make a cake, preferably with a full day in there to do cool stuff. But this was a Sunday afternoon and the cake was due on Tuesday afternoon right after school let out! And there was no way that I could take time off of work. So I did what I could in a couple of nights and here is what I did:

The top of the cake

The side of the cake

The mom-to-be loved the blue velvet cake from the week before so much that she wanted it for her cake too. And not being one to argue with a pregnant lady, I acquiesced. Having learned some valuable lessons from the week before made this go 'round a LOT easier, but still, it was rough given the timing. I colored the cream cheese as much as I could without altering the taste. I tell you what, there is nothing that irks me more in this world than icing that is dyed to within an inch of it's life and tastes like it too (Ok, littering and not using common sense is up there too, but this is a cake blog people). The stars and jedi baby are made out of MMF. I had to drop this off during my lunch hour since we had a very important company wide meeting at 3 pm when school got out, so I heard all about how awesome the cake was later. My friend Kellie did tell me that I need to watch my lettering; because of the heat, the word Jedi became Jodi. Whoops!

Next on my list of goals to accomplish: practicing my lettering and finding an icing recipe that has the taste of cream cheese but better heat resistance!

Bake on,

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