Monday, September 7, 2009

Tools of the Trade: Pastry or Dough Cutter

One of the items I possess in my kitchen is what is termed a dough cutter. I first discovered the wonders of this tool when I worked for the gourmet dog biscuit company. This little tool can do it all: it can act as a spatula, measure, cut, ice cakes, and it can clean! Other names for it are dough scraper, pastry cutter, bench knife, prep taxi, and I've even heard dough spatula! This is not to be confused with a bowl scraper, although some of those can be used for the same thing.

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and Scraping, oh my!

These can be found for less than $10 (usually $6-$8) and are usually made from metal. Many of them will have a a ruler printed on the cutting edge. I recommend NOT buying one with a wooden handle if you can avoid it; repeated washings in the dishwasher will cause the wood to split and crack off. You can find pastry cutters at such places as Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and I've even seen them at the grocery store! If you have trouble locating one or want a cheaper alternatice, try using a spackling knife from the hardware store but make sure to clean it well before it's first use and only use it for food!

Happy baking,

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