Saturday, February 20, 2010

Portfolio: Bridal Shower Cake

My friend Beth co-hosted a bridal shower this weekend for her boyfriend's brother and his fiance.  She asked me to make a cake for them and I happily obliged, even though it was cutting close for me to make my daughter's birthday cake.

I found out that the wedding colors were a rose pink and a darker pink with white, and that the bride and groom were Aggies.  Playing with that, I created this lovely little piece:


Beth had requested an Oreo cookie cake a few weeks back for her boyfriend's birthday and there was so much talk about it in his family that the bride, Rebecca, requested the same flavor for the shower cake.  I baked three layers due to the denseness of the cake and iced it with cream cheese icing.  Then, I covered it in pink MMF and decorated it with hearts of varying sizes on the side, a ribbon made of fondant on the bottom, and two lovebirds on top.  I used pink, white, maroon, and Caribbean blue to add some pizazz and contrast to the cake.

I realized after everything was done that some of the hearts were not more evenly spaced.  I was using a dowel to help me center things, so for future reference, use something flat instead.  Actually, maybe some string would be better.  Drape four pieces at even intervals and then use a pin to mark off where the fondant pieces will go.  That should help to ensure they are evenly spaced AND centered!


A close up of the lovebirds...aren't they sweet?  To complete the cake, I hand painted the word "Congratulations Heath & Rebecca" on top.  I had to be super careful not to misspell it...I didn't want to somehow end up on CakeWrecks for something like that!

Beth and Sean were delighted when they saw the cake and I've heard nothing but rave reviews about it since!  I was more than happy to contribute a show piece for them.

Congratulations to the happy couple...may you have many happy years together!

Happy Baking,


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