Thursday, April 1, 2010

Portfolio: Easter Cookie Pops

Spring came early to Central Texas and with it, so has Easter!

To celebrate the return of spring and Easter, I made some bunny cookie pops for my daughter's class.  I had joked with her daycare provider about making chocolate bunnies, well, I did just that! Sort of, anyway.


I had planned on doing them with chocolate royal icing, but my plans got ruined when I forgot to set the timer on the first batch of cookies. 
Yes, you read that right.  The FIRST batch of cookie pops.  See, I'm a multi-tasker when it comes to baking and if you don't set a timer, well...bad things happen to good bakers. Burnt things, specifically!

I got distracted by blogging and getting my daughter ready for bed that when I walked by the kitchen some time later I wondered to myself what the weird smell was.  [Smack forehead] The cookie pops!  I hurriedly pulled them out, but it was too late.  They weren't blackened too terribly, but they weren't edible either unless I didn't care about my reputation.  So after the kiddo was in bed, I started over and barely had enough lollipop sticks to finish them.  Then I let them cool while I puttered about getting things ready for the next day and finally got a chance to decorate them around 11:30.  I was really tired so I nixed the chocolate icing and just did white (I added some Americolor Super White to make it bright and punchy) bunnies with blue eyes.

All the drama aside, those bunnies sure were cute and the kids loved them.  In fact, they'd already finished them off by the time I arrived that afternoon for the kids' Easter egg hunt.  Now I need to think about the next holiday cookie pop I'm going to do!  Maybe some flowers for Mother's Day...

Anyhoo, "hoppy" Easter to you and yours!

Happy Baking,

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