Friday, February 25, 2011

That Takes the Cake 2011!

It's that time of year again!  The Capital Confectioner's Club is hosting the 7th Annual That Takes the Cake Contest!  My friend Brianna over at Sugar Plum Pastries and I have decided to compete again.  Brianna took home 1st place in Adult Beginner's Buttercream last year and she's entering the same category again this year, but as an intermediate.  I've been on a cookie kick lately, so I entered the Confections category for Adult Intermediate.  Wish me luck!

I added the flower cookie as a last minute addition.  I thought it might be nice to break up the monotony of the skulls a bit.

Here's a preview of what I'm entering.  I wanted to do something really colorful and a bit complicated. It's kinda funny how I finally decided on my design.  I spent hours Googling random things and getting ideas from my husband.  I thought a deck of cards or some Dia de los Muertos skulls would be cool, but then my friend Becky posted a picture of her wedding hairpiece, which had peacock feathers.  I really liked the colors on a peacock feather and chose to do that.  But I started having second thoughts about it.  Then, I was flipping through SugarBelle's Flickr stream the other weekend and I stumbled across some Dia de los Muertos cookies she'd made!  Considering they were part of my original idea, I decide to chalk it up to the Big Man Upstairs as divine intervention and ran with it.

The one on the left is my favorite.  I was really happy with how he came out!

I have to say, I am so thrilled with these guys.  I really took my time in picking colors and trying to get everything just so.  There were a few little kinks, but it adds character.  I'm really hoping to at least get some good feedback, even if I don't win.  But winning would be nice :o)

I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and post a recap of the show at the end of the weekend.

Happy Baking,


  1. these are gorgeous!! They must have taken you forever..all those colors!!

  2. hi! What kind of icing is that? Is it just glaze? And did you just put it in a frosting bag? i love these!

  3. Thanks Anonymous! The glaze is royal icing, which I use on all my cookies. I make mine from scratch, which is powdered sugar, egg whites, and lemon juice. You can google recipes for that or peruse the archives on Billa Cakes for it (I'm pretty sure I posted it somewhere!). For big decorating jobs, I use a combination of frosting bags or plastic condiment or icing bottles. I personally love the bottles best as they are reusable, less messy, and can help handle big jobs faster. You can buy them online at Amazon and I've seen them now stocked regularly at craft stores in the baking section. A great source on how to use these and other awesome cookie techniques is SugarBelle's Cookies (Google her). Best of luck in your decorating!


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