Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I am soooo addicted to Pinterest!  I’d heard of it before, but I never really looked into it until the other day when I had a little bit of free time during Billa’s nap to catch up on my blogs.  A blogger mentioned an item from it and when I clicked through, my world was rocked forever.

If you’re like me, you’re always collecting little tidbits and snippets of things that catch your eye: a crafty idea, a pretty picture, an awesome quote.  Michael and I are notorious Googlers; we’ll Google some of the most random things and could spend hours researching and reading about them.  Oftentimes we bookmark it so we don’t forget and can come back to it.  Don’t ask to look at our Bookmarks folder,  because it is SCARY.  Pinterest to the rescue!

 The Pinterest homepage

With Pinterest, you basically download this tool into your browser toolbar at the top.  As you scour the interwebs, when you see something you like, you “pin” it to your board, which compiles a catalog of all those pins and tracks back to where you found them.  And the cool thing is it has a Facebook-like air to it; you can follow other people’s boards and repin things that you like from theirs.  You can also comment, like something, etc.  I could spend HOURS on Pinterest.  I admit that I already have.

As it is, I have several boards already.  Interior design, crafty ideas, cakes and cookies, etc.  I make a board for anything and everything that gives me inspiration.  So if I’m feeling a little parched in the creativity department, I need only pop into Pinterest and get those creative juices revved and flowing.  The fastest way to join is to receive an invite from someone who is already on Pinterest.  Otherwise, you submit your email address and name and wait for them to send you an invite to join, which can take a couple of weeks.  I’m not really sure why they do that, but whatever.  I got a quicker invite by liking them on Facebook and posting a request for someone to invite me.  

The site is freaking amazing and if you’re the smallest bit creative, you're going to love it!  Not to mention, it’s really nice to clear out that bookmark folder finally. 

Pinningly yours, 

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  1. I love the Pinterest idea. Do you think you could send me an invite? That would be awesome! My email is wndynlsn@gmail.com.


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