Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Welcome to Billa Cakes!

Welcome to Billa Cakes!

I'm a jane of all trades, aspiring to be a professional baker. Baking has always been my passion and I am currently developing a business dedicated to making creative cakes and cookies with a focus on using wholesome and nutritious ingredients. On this blog I will share with you pictures of my work and the lessons I have learned in starting my own business. Why? Because I believe that for a person to be truly successful, you should be willing to teach and pass your knowledge on to others. It also allows you to receive feedback from others which is invaluable to helping one grow.

So how did I get here? I've loved baking since I was a kid. I baked with my grandmother in the summers and baked bread with my mom and even created my own recipes! While in college I had the rare opportunity to work for a start up gourmet dog biscuit company making one of a kind decorated hard biscuits for "fur kids." It allowed me the flexibility to make money and finish school, learn new skills and be creative. When I was let go, it felt like the worst day of my life. But Mama always said God had a reason for everything and that job taught me a lot of hard lessons for which I am grateful. After moving on and spending several years in office administration, I felt like something was missing. My suspicion was later confirmed when driving to work one day.

My hometown of Buda, Texas is known for it's main street and all of the quaint antique shops there. I passed by the historic downtown on my way to work everyday and always eyed the old bakery and thought it would be nice for another one to open. One day a SOLD sign appeared in the window and I wondered who had bought it. My answer came a few days later when the sign was joined by another one stating 'Donut Palace - Coming Soon.' Wait a minute... DONUT PALACE!? A chain had bought the bakery and was setting up shop on a street lined with mom and pop shops?! I was outraged. "Whoa, girl!" I thought. "Why are you getting worked up about a donut store?" And that's when I realized that what was really bothering me was not that a chain was taking over my small town (although that irked me too), but the fact that it was not ME buying the storefront. I knew then that what I wanted was a bakery and to be a baker.

Since that fateful day in April 2008, I have been slowly working on starting my own baking business with the end goal of opening a store front somewhere in small town America. My goal is to make fresh tasting beautiful works of art that are good for you. I want to use as many wholesome, organic, and unprocessed ingredients as possible. As someone who suffers from a food allergy, I want to offer great tasting treats for those who are allergic or with special dietary needs at an affordable price. While we shouldn't overindulge in sweets, I want to make baked goods that people can feel good about consuming without guilt. Everyone deserves a treat once in a while!

When it came time to christen this venture, the name Billa Cakes was a bit of a no-brainer. It was inspired by a mispronunciation of my daughter's nickname, Billie Kate, by my best friend's little girl who was so excited about her new friend "Billa Cake." Sybilla is my biggest inspiration and motivator for this business and not just in name. Every mom wants the best for their kids and I want my children to see their mom and dad pursuing their dreams and living a happy life. I don't need fame and fortune to be happy, but I need to feel emotionally and creatively satisfied all the while being available for my kids and providing for my family. I feel that owning my baking business will do all of this.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it! I hope that you come along on this crazy ride and learn with me as I pursue my dream. Maybe you will be inspired to follow your dream whatever that might be. Whatever your reason for visiting, thanks for stopping by!

Happy Baking!

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