Saturday, October 11, 2008

Portfolio: Elmo First Birthday Cake

A good friend of mine approached me about doing her son Conner's first birthday cake. He loves Elmo and that was her only request. After thinking long and hard and looking at many different images of Elmo cakes on Google Images, I chose to do a simple sheet cake with a 3D element on top. Elmo was created in a Wilton mini bear mold, his ears were then lopped off, and he was iced in reddish buttercream. I then used food coloring to dye shredded coconut 'Elmo red' and rolled Elmo in it until he got the furry look we all know and love. Then a few touches with some buttercream and voila! 3D Elmo smash cake! Birthday boy loved it so much, he didn't even wait for us to finish singing Happy Birthday before grabbing it and proceeding to munch away happily.

Happy Baking,

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