Friday, May 1, 2009

Portfolio: Pink & Brown Baby Shower Cake

A friend of mine was co hosting a baby shower for a girlfriend of hers and asked me to do the cake. The mom to be is having a little girl and they wanted to use pink and brown since that's what colors the nursery will utilize. They also asked for the cake to be two tiered with the top tier pink and the bottom tier brown with matching cake flavors.

A big lesson learned: Do NOT schedule a cake on a weekend when you'll be out of town. Particularly when the destination will happen to be visited by serious thunderstorms almost washing you away in a flash flood! The shower was originally scheduled for a previous weekend but because of too few RSVP's, the hostesses rescheduled it for another weekend. Since I had committed to this cake prior, I felt obligated to see it through (you're only as good as your word!). I baked the cakes Thursday night, then wrapped them up nice and tight in plastic wrap and placed them in a safe, cool spot (not refrigerated) before we left on Friday. Then Sunday morning I pulled them out and began decorating.

My buttercream had issues that morning and had started to crust very quickly. I had to soften it in the microwave to get it pliable enough to do just the crumb coat and then subsequently trashed my kitchen in the process of trying to decorate it further. At one point, my husband forced me out of the kitchen and cleaned up some of the mess for me so that I could cool down for a few minutes. This helped immensely and I am so grateful for my husband! (Hands off ladies...he's mine!)

All in all, despite the crazy schedule and the issues I experienced, I think the cake turned out pretty well. The design was very similar to what the hostesses wanted and delivery went well. Stacking the cake went much more smoothly this time and some of the research I'd done on decorating and constructing techniques was very helpful.

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