Friday, April 17, 2009

Portfolio: Talavera Inspired Wedding Cake

This is my first wedding cake! It was created for my father in law and step mother in law. When the cake was commissioned, the only direction I was given was this: "do whatever you want!" (I love people like that :o) I was originally going to base it off the wedding invitation which was a teal and red paisley pattern. But then I found out the wedding was going to be at Fonda San Miguel, a beautiful Mexican restaurant here in Austin, and knowing of the bride's love for Mexican pottery, a Talavera inspired design was too good to pass up. If you're not familiar with it, Talavera is a unique style of folk pottery from Mexico and the Southwest.

Talavera,Wedding Cake
The cake was a coconut lime butter cake with Swiss buttercream icing and covered in marshmallow fondant and royal icing. The top tier decor is all MMF, the second tier is royal icing piped on MMF, and the third tier is a combo of both.

Talavera,Wedding Cake
Side view of the cake.

Talavera,Wedding Cake
Close up of the top tier. The bride and groom opted not to do a topper for the cake, so I incorporated a little something into the design.

For a first attempt, I'd say this takes the cake (bah dah bump!).

Bake on,

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