Sunday, January 10, 2010

Portfolio: Airplane Cake

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today is the 6th birthday of DJ, a family friend.  His mama and daddy surprised him by taking him to a viewing field to watch airplanes this morning and he had a great time.  I made him an airplane cake to celebrate!

The plane "model" is a DJ-6; DJ's initials and his age!

The inside of the cake is cookies and cream (I'll post the recipe in another post shortly, it's uber yummy!) and iced with cream cheese icing.  I hadn't wanted to cover it in fondant, but trying to ice a sculpted cake with cream cheese icing is a little impossible.  So at 11:30 last night, I made up a quick batch of marshmallow fondant and then called it a night.  I finished the cake this morning and was much more happy with the results.

So, lessons learned on this cake: 1) don't ice a sculpted cake in cream cheese frosting...unless you like to inflict pain and frustration on yourself!  2) Cookies and cream cake is probably best done as a round or square cake.  Other than that, it was pretty standard.  I haven't made marshmallow fondant in awhile because a messy process and the last time I made it I had horrible tiny lumps in it, which made it almost unusable, but after my success on this round, I think I may mix up a few batches to have around and use in lieu of the Satin Ice, which can get expensive to buy and dries out way faster than MMF.  We'll see!

Thanks for stopping by; I'll have some more cakes, recipes, and tutorials coming up soon!

Happy Caking!

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