Tuesday, July 6, 2010

America Tastes Sweet!

I hope you all had a lovely 4th of July!  We enjoyed a relaxed afternoon with our friends and neighbors and ate hamburgers, ribs, sausage, and hot wings. It was good times!  As usual, I brought dessert and I whipped up a humdinger of one!

My northern friends, you're probably more familiar with these than me and my southern compatriots, so forgive me for being a little loopy over them, but I am in LOVE with whoopie pies!

whoopie pies

And so is my daughter:



Along with the rest of her friends:


These were red velvet flavored, which I dyed half of them blue and the other half red, and slathered cream cheese frosting between the two.  Heavenly!  Whoopie pies rock.  Cupcake, you're dead to me. Over.

In addition to whoopie pies, I created this little free form tart for further Fourth festivities with my folks and frere (I love alliteration):

Behold the Galette of Glory! 


It's a strawberry and blueberry galette which I further decorated by laying stripes and stars on top from pie dough.  My folks had some dried orange peel in a jar that complimented the fruit nicely, and topped off with some vanilla bean ice cream, it was delightful after a heavy meal of BBQ chicken and pizza. 


I tell you what, America never tasted so sweet.  And a very heartfelt thank you to the men and women in the service who fight each day to keep it that way.   Happy birthday America!

Happy Baking,


  1. hi Kelly
    great job with those whoppi pies!! thanks for sharing some great images with us too!
    Welcome to food buzz

  2. I love whoopie pies! I used to eat them when I lived in New England. But since moving to California I haven't seen them anywhere. Time to start making my own! Yours sound delicious! Oh, and I really want a slice of that galette.


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