Saturday, July 17, 2010

Portfolio: Monogram Cookies

I admit it, I love cookies more than cake!  Cake is nice, but I love that cookies are perfectly portioned for your hand.  You can sometimes have more than one without feeling guilty.  With cake, you eat more than one piece and people give you funny looks.  Unless it's my cakes of course, in which case, they're so good you can't help but have seconds! Ha!  I kid, I kid.  They are mighty tasty though.

Cookies are also wonderful because they are perfect to give as gifts and especially as favors at weddings.  I made these simple but elegant sugar cookies as favors for a wedding this weekend.  I used a fluted round cutter which adds some texture to the sides of the cookie and made them a bit more fancy, I thought.  They are all identical, with a white background and the new couple's monogram in apple green.  Packaging those little babies reminded me of my dog biscuit baking days, when I would package hundreds upon hundreds of gourmet dog biscuits in cello bags and sheer ribbons.  I was a little rusty, but in the end, all 284 of them were baked, decorated, and packaged well ahead of time to be delivered for the wedding.


Congratulations to the happy couple and many blessings upon you!

Happy Baking,

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