Saturday, September 25, 2010

Portfolio: Owl Birthday Cake

It's owl-ficcial: owls are hot, hot, hot!  Ok, apologies for the pun. I couldn't resist!

Recently I was contacted by a gal to do a birthday cake for her son's first birthday.  She loved the design I had come up with for the YMCA cake I did for my friend Julia a few months back.  I gotta say, I love it too!  It's simple and yet it makes a great statement.  We decided on a larger marble cake for the guests and a vegan peach cake for the birthday boy, Mateo.  Here is the final result:


The larger cake is marbled chiffon cake on the inside.  I dyed the vanilla portion a baby blue to match the party decor and it looked beautiful with the chocolate.

I used special food writing markers to write the wording and make the feathers on the owl's chest.  I can't believe I didn't invest in these things sooner...they were worth every penny!


The smash cake came out way cuter than I expected.  I had to bake it twice however as something happened with my recipe the first time (I was trying to cut my normal recipe in half and I think I added too much flour).  Second time's the charm, right?  The birthday boy's mom had asked for a healthier version of cake for her son, and I love the vegan recipe I use because the amount of sugar can be cut down considerably since it uses a fruit puree.   Peaches was the flavor of the day since it's Mateo's favorite.  The small domed cake pan I used created the most adorable little owl; it reminds of me of pygmy owls!

Isn't this little guy so sweet?  I love the domed pan I used for's so versatile!

All in all, I am very pleased with the results and so was Mateo and his mom!  Happy 1st birthday Mateo; may you have many more, cutie!

Happy Caking,


  1. Any chance I could get your vegan peach cake recipe? My soon to be one year old is allergic to cow protein, and has not yet been introduced to sugar. This cake sounds perfect. I love your owl cakes! I am throwing her an owl themed birthday party and hope I can recreate something like this for her! You are incredible!


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