Monday, October 25, 2010

Portfolio: Pretty Girlie Cupcakes

I've been sick with a horrible sinus infection/cold the past few weeks, so my baking has suffered.   My best friend recently celebrated her birthday and was supposed to have a barbecue birthday party, but wouldn't you know it, everyone in her house got sick too.  And it was raining.  Bummer!

Everyone deserves something special for their birthday, so when I was finally feeling well a few days later, I made her some cute girlie cupcakes.  Kellie likes traditional cake flavors and chocolate always make a girl feel better, so I did chocolate cupcakes with turquoise buttercream frosting and then sprinkled them with bright pink sugar to reflect her girlie nature.  I must say, those cupcakes were not only lovely, but they were yummy to :o)


Happy birthday Kellie!  At some point, we'll have a make up party for you or something.  Hugs!

Happy baking,

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