Monday, December 20, 2010

The J-O-Y of Cookies

I love baking at Christmastime!  I can't ever seem to get enough and it's the perfect time of year, especially since you can share your kitchen's bounty with your nearest and dearest.  Another one of my favorite treats at Christmas are sugar cookies.  I saw an idea in an email newsletter for sugar cookies cut out in letters to spell words.  I loved the idea and decided to spell the word "joy."  You could also do "peace" or even spell the word Christmas if you're feeling ambitious!  I did some of the cookies with simple sugar sprinkles and some with royal icing in red, green, and white.  The beauty of this project is that you can get as simple or as creative as you wish.  This idea would also work well for other holidays, like Valentine's Day. Who wouldn't love getting a box with cookies spelling out the word love?  Or "boo" at Halloween?


And of course I did cookie pops for my daughter's class!  Here are the designs I created.  I did gingerbread boys and Christmas trees.  I really hate the fact that Christmas is one of those taboo things in school and society these days, so I tried to keep them innocuous.  Regardless of the design, the kids loved them.  As I picked Billa up from school, she told me all about her yummy "kee-coo" (she transposes the syllables).  I asked her which one she got and she told me "ginja boy!"  It just warmed my heart.


I hope you have fun baking your own versions of sugar cookies!

Happy Holidays,

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