Monday, January 10, 2011

Portfolio: Red Velvet Whoopies and "2" Sugar Cookies

My daughter and I had the joy of attending the birthday party for the daughter of a dear friend of mine this past weekend.  Abby Lu turned two and her mom planned a cookie themed party for the little munchkin.  Anna is a corporate event planner and she always has the most wonderful and fun ideas for birthday parties!  She blogs about that and her crafty activities frequently, and I just love, love, love reading about all the fun stuff she does.

Anna had a milk moustache photo station for everyone to take their pictures.  Here's me and Billa!

She planned on having quite a few cookies for the party and asked me to bake up some red velvet whoopie pies and some sugar cookies in the shape of the number 2 for Abby's party.  Abby apparently adores red velvet and I was excited to try a new recipe for them at the party.  I have a recipe that is pretty good, but after baking some chocolate whoopies for my mom's birthday, I wanted to tweak the chocolate recipe and see if I couldn't duplicate the texture with red velvet.  They came out fantastic!

The cookie many tasty treats!

For the number 2's, I did half of them with solid cookie monster blue and the other half with blue sprinkles.  Doing these brought back memories of my daughter's second birthday last year, in which I did a Sesame Street theme and gave away sugar cookie S's, 2's, and Elmo's as favors. 


My daughter and I enjoyed visiting with lots of our friends that we had not seen in some time.  The party was so much fun because we got to eat my favorite thing: cookies!  They also happen to be one of Abby's favorite things too!


Abby Lu and Billa swinging on the swings

Happy 2nd birthday Abby Lu!  May you have many more!

Happy baking,

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