Monday, April 11, 2011

Portfolio: Nest Cupcakes and Bird Cookies

Ah, spring.  Time for flowers, birds, and babies!

A friend of mine is having her first baby in the next couple weeks and we threw her a shower this weekend.  Because I had other things going on, I wasn't able to make the cake for the shower, but I did promise to do some cookies for the favors.  I ended up with extra cupcakes from the car party, so I did a quick decorating job on those and they looked super cute with everything else.

The "nests" were easy to do; just swirl and dollop using a large star tip on the top, then set your eggs in the middle and voila!  Bird's nest cupcakes!

Originally, the theme was a Parisian spring baby shower, based on the baby bedding.  But we found out later that mama to be had changed the fabric on her baby bedding!  It actually worked out, because my design for little Eiffel tower cookies was a total bust.  I didn't have a cutter and so I thought I'd use a Christmas tree cutter and then pipe small Eiffel towers on them.  Good idea in theory, terrible idea in execution.  The cookies were too short to get a decent looking Eiffel tower on them, sadly.  But they were just perfect for birdies!

All wrapped up and ready to go!

My artsy fartsy cookie photo

I love these little birds.  It's a good thing there were so few cookies left after the party, because otherwise, I'd have eaten them all they were so dang cute!  I tried a new recipe for the royal icing too, which was a bit of an adventure, but I have to say, I'm sold on it.  I still use my trademark lemon juice in the frosting, but the consistency is much nicer.  I may try adding some corn syrup or something else in the future to get a glossier finish.

Since I wasn't able to commit to the cake, one of the cohost's had her stepdaughter do the cake.  It turned out really cute, and apparently is a very popular design this season–I immediately recognized it as the same design for another cake I'm doing at the end of this month!

The cupcakes were super easy to decorate and are perfect for Easter!  I whipped up a milk chocolate ganache and piped it on top of the cupcakes to look like nests, then nestled Robin's Eggs candies into the centers.  Super tasty and cute!

Congrats on the new baby Amy...we can't wait to meet her!

Happy baking,

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