Friday, April 15, 2011

Portfolio: Choo Choo Cakes

My high school gal pal Michelle is a very talented photographer and her twin boys turned three this week!  I've been wanting to do some family photos and she needed some cute birthday cakes, so we made an even trade.

Her boys Ian and Aaron are two of the most adorable, sweetest little boys ever, but their one drawback (as far as I can tell!) is that they fight over anything that they don't have.  For example, if one of them has a red car and the other shows up with a blue car, they fight over the blue car, even if it's the same darn car, just different colors.  I totally get why so many twins are dressed the same, or have the same toy!  So their mom was adamant on having IDENTICAL cakes.  Believe me, nothing is worse than seeing a three year old throw a tantrum (I know from LOTS of experience, lol), so I was happy to oblige.

Since Michelle was going to get the boys Thomas the Train toysets for their birthday anyway, she asked me to do cakes that a toy train could be set on top of.  Here's what I came up with:


I am very proud of these, because there is not one bit of fondant on them and my buttercream work came out pretty well!  I'm no Twinkie yet, but maybe someday!  It's always good to challenge yourself and try to master a skill set.


I asked Michelle to send me pictures of the cakes when they have trains on them and I'll try and post those here when they come in.  In the meantime, a very happy birthday to Ian and Aaron!

Happy caking,

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