Saturday, January 31, 2009

Portfolio: Girl's Bowling Birthday Cake

My best friend's daughter was turning four and wanted to have her birthday party at a local bowling alley.   She and I had talked previously about the type of cake she wanted and I thought I was all set. When I confirmed the details with her, she announced she wanted a "pink bowling cake" instead.  I like a challenge, so pink bowling cake it was!

I wanted to do a bowling lane with pins and a bowling ball, but at the last minute I really wanted it to be 3D.  I baked up some of my sugar cookies and cut and decorated them to look like bowling pins. The cake was standard butter cake dyed pink and covered in American buttercream and MMF.  The bowling ball itself is homemade rice krispy treats covered in MMF and then painted pink.   The cake was constructed on site using toothpicks to support the bowling pins from the back and to stick the ball to the top.

The full 3D effect. The kids were able to take home the cookies as favors, which they were really excited about. There was another birthday party there and all the parents from that party were coming over to admire my cake. Take that HEB Bakery...Victory is mine!

And finally, the enamored birthday girl. Happy 4th birthday, Emmie Jade!

Happy Baking,

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  1. This looks beautiful! I'd love more information on how to do it. Could you email me at Thanks for sharing!


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