Sunday, February 22, 2009

Portfolio: Retro Cowgirl First Birthday Cake

This cake was designed for my daughter's first birthday party.  I figure I'm going to be doing lots of princess parties as she gets older, so I want to do all the party themes I think are adorable for kids now while I still can and don't have any opposition!   I found a really cute picture on Google Images from a piece of fabric and blew it up really big on my Mac for printing.  Then I cut out the picture in several sections to cut out of marshmallow fondant.  The cake was red velvet with cream cheese icing, covered in MMF and using royal icing for accents.


The retro cowgirl. The original drawing had her with guns in her hands, but I didn't feel that to be appropriate for a one year old's birthday!

And because every cowgirl needs a pony, we have the accompanying smash cake. He wasn't meant to look like Pokey, but he was still cute!

And here is Billa the Kid, blowing out her candles with help from Mommy, Daddy, and her friend M.T.

Happy Baking,

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