Sunday, March 1, 2009

Portfolio: Owl 40th Birthday Cake

My friend Julia asked me to make a cake for a friend of hers who was turning 40 and loves owls. I had to think about how to do this one and I finally chose to do a sculpted sheet cake with almonds for the feathers and dried pineapple slices for the eyes. In my research on Google Images, I had come across several designs using similar ingredients and I loved the ingenuity behind the use of the materials. This cake was chocolate with whipped chocolate ganache and cream cheese icing. I used MMF for the face and beak and carefully laid each and every single almond slice on the bird's front. An icing spatula helped create the feather effect everywhere else. The best part was the little placard I included with the cake: "WHO's another year older and wiser? Happy Birthday Gabe!"


Happy Baking,

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