Monday, October 26, 2009

Portfolio: Wiggles Birthday Cake

As mom to a toddler, I have to admit, we watch a lot of pre-school TV. I know all about Dora and Diego and we love love love Jack's Big Music Show and Ni Hao, Kailan and Elmo. But the Wiggles were something new entirely for me! Well, I figgered it out pretty quick since my friend Courtney asked me to make a Wiggles birthday cake for her son Conner's second birthday this weekend. I made Conner's Elmo first birthday cake for him last year, so of course I was delighted to bring birthday joy again!

My original idea was to do a rainbow and have the Wiggles' big red car driving on top, but then I saw a way cuter version that someone had made of the big car driving on a hill of a cake with a rainbow behind it, so I tried that instead so that I could scale the size down for the actual number of party guests. I've never actually done figurework before and thanks to a horrendous meltdown from my aforementioned toddler, I ended up making the Wiggles themselves out of wooden craft pieces because I didn't have time or enough fondant to sculpt them (since I couldn't go and get some more), but I DID sculpt the big red car from cake and fondant. I created the colored wheels by painting them with fondant colors and the rainbow behind the car is a dried and painted piece of fondant.

The base of the cake came out great, but I feel kinda crappy about the Wiggles and their car since they weren't what I wanted originally, but I think it came out great overall and Courtney and her family loved it. And the bonus is that now Conner has some Wiggles play pieces!

Happy Caking,

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