Saturday, January 29, 2011

Portfolio: Raggedy Ann Birthday Cake and Cupcakes

Last year my friend Caroline asked me to make her a Hungry Little Caterpillar cupcake cake for her daughter's first birthday.  This year, she decided to do a Raggedy Ann theme!  I remember Raggedy Ann being a big deal when I was a kid, and it's really nice to see her come back.  Good wholesome fun!

I did my usual Google image search for inspiration and saw a really cute idea that someone had done where they did the head and shoulders for Raggedy Ann and used red licorice for her hair.  I'm really into using candy and other tasty treats for accents and decor on cakes, so it seemed like a perfect fit.  And here is the final result:

Please ignore my reflection in the cakeboard...I didn't even realize it was there until much later!

For the head, I baked two six inch layers and for the shoulders I used one 10 inch layer, cut in half and stacked on top.  I ended up doing a dozen cupcakes as well, just in case more people showed up at the party.  I frosted everything in buttercream but used fondant for the white pinafore, the eyes, and the nose.  The cake itself is marbled chocolate and vanilla, since per Caroline, "Madeline could eat Starbucks' marbled pound cake every day of her life and never get tired of it!"

The Divine Miss M (as I like to call her) LOVED her cake and enjoyed playing with all of her friends' on the playscape.  I was thrilled with the cake and so happy to provide an important part of a special day for a very special little girl.

Happy Birthday, Madeline...may you have many more, my dear!

Happy Baking,

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